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About Us

What we do

Prolog Inc. technical teams are specialized in delivering complete IT solutions and complex software projects development. We follow the methodology of Software Engineering starting from analysis, design and implementation under standard software process. Our vision is to provide our clients with the best solutions which can help them cope up with the necessity of continuous business process redesign in a cost effective way through close collaboration and advanced software engineering.

Prolog Inc. has developed multiple talented teams to design and deploy handheld apps to serve the offshore market demand for extensively diverse market. We, here in Prolog Inc., build apps for Web, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, J2ME and WindowsPhone.

We believe that the future of the information technology lies in an integrated solution driven approach to computing and communication hence on the best interest of our customers, we have adopted to offer products and services aimed at enterprise wide integration based on the principles of Open Solutions. Our customized IT solutions include Systems Design, Integration, and Implementation, Software and Hardware Technical Support, Infrastructure and Hardware Supply and Project Management.

Get your projects done by us

Because our back office is in Bangladesh we offer our clients a great cost advantage. Our costs are typically less than 30% of typical software development cost of similar level in the Western world. This significant cost advantage coupled with our passion for development, wide range of skills, culture of creativity and standardized process of software development give our clients the essential edge in operation and business.

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To learn how easy it is to outsource your software development to the experts and concentrate your energy on your core business, email us: info@prologinc.com

How we do it

Understanding your requirements
The first and most integral part of our design & development process is understanding what your objectives are, and what you want to achieve by producing your project.This is the single most important stage of development. We take the time required to pick your brain get a detailed understanding of your concept including exact functionality and requirements to produce a concise wire-frame for the layout for your apps ensuring that we know exactly what you want and that you know what your going to get.
Planning your project
This is where we develop your wireframe or plan. The purpose of the wireframe is to show you a visual storyboard of your software – like plans for a new house. This stage shows the screenflow of how your app will function. We work closely with you to meet your objectives and to ensure the best possible user experience for your required solution.
Making interface look great. This is the fun part where you get to see your apps come to life. At Prolog, Inc. we pride ourselves on delivering the best looking and most functional applications for our customers and the end user. We work with you from the very beginning to make sure you end up with the desired look and feel you have. We aim to over deliver especially on design.
Our development process is something we’re very proud of, with the previous steps of the project completed our experienced developers begin to make the magic happen. Based on your requirements, wireframe and designs our developers begin to create the functionality and produce an app that does exactly what’s required.
Quality Assurance
If you’re ready for launching an application to reflect your brand then we make sure that it works. Once we’ve built the app, we test it to make sure it does exactly what it was designed to do. Our process includes testing for accessibility, running with background application functionality, limited Internet connections, low memory situations & boundary tests on input forms just to name a few. Once our testing process is complete we send it to you so you can try it for yourself.
Launch your project
Launching your project is an exciting time. You need to make sure the step is done correctly. If you are going to develop a mobile app, one of the critical stages is writing a description that will get you downloads and ensure you are found on the store. Being able to convey your value by standing out & stressing the benefits of your app is critical. We work with you to craft a powerful and compelling description and search terms. We then work to get your app approved.
Ongoing Support
We look to build long term relationships with our clients. We are here to help you and your needs as the exciting IT industry evolves. We provide support for all of our projects, which our clients love!

Why Us

Customer Intimacy
At Prolog Inc., relationships are not merely long-term; they are intimate. We strive to achieve a deep sense of alignment with all stakeholders through an intense awareness of their vision and an undertaking to fulfill their vision. Customer Intimacy is characterized by careful listening, an accurate assessment of the realities and opportunities, and a commitment to identify the critical levers to create a winning proposition.
Open Atmosphere
Open atmosphere creates easy access across levels and functions. It fosters a willingness to listen and change, to give and accept feedback. It encourages people to question, disagree, criticize and suggest improvements. Such openness can lead to improvement only in a disciplined environment where people conform to rules, processes and performance norms.
Pride in Work
Pride in whatever we do drives our pursuit of perfection. Be it a proposal, an e-mail or a status report to a customer, every task is an opportunity to demonstrate our attention to detail and our commitment to quality. This pride energizes Prolog to innovate and multiply value for customers.
Commitment to Results
Prolog is driven by the desire to make a difference to customers by delivering extraordinary value along with quality services. Our environment fosters a winning attitude where leaders have the responsibility of ensuring exemplary performance from their teams. Personal growth and development comes from making larger and larger commitments and consistently delivering on them.

Work Process

We are strong believers of the "agile" way of doing things - accepting that change is the character of software development and the only process that can work is the one that can handle change efficiently.
Our customers MUST see at every point of the process the product at its current state on a daily basis - this is our guiding principle. We expose everything from product build server to our task management system to achieve this principle. This brings in transparency to our process but more importantly it opens the door for continuous feedback and continuous
Feedback Driven
We ensure that all channels of communication are open both within the team and with the clients. We push for events and situations for feedback arranging regular demos, ad-hoc usability tests, project assessment sessions, etc. Feedback makes it possible for us to continuously fine tune every aspect of a project.
Process geared for flow
Flow is the ultimate secret for a successful software process and every step in our project delivery process is centered on this fact.